On the Spot Diamond Harbour

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141 Marine Drive
Diamond Harbour 8971

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Store Hours

Monday: 8am to 7pm
Tuesday: 8am to 7pm
Wednesday: 8am to 7pm
Thursday: 8am to 7pm
Friday: 8am to 7pm
Saturday: 8am to 7pm
Sunday: 8am to 7pm

Public Holidays 8am - 7pm, Closed Christmas Day


Phone: 03 3294803

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On the Spot Diamond Harbour has a lot going on, and a lot to offer! This friendly, community-focused store has a great selection of grocery, dairy products, frozen goods, fresh produce, meat and fresh cut flowers. They even provide a great range of beer and wine including selected craft beers and local wines.

They have you covered with Food to go and meal solutions - there's pies, slices, muffins, hot cooked chickens and so much more. They even have a specialty cheeses section, self-service fuel and LPG gas bottle swaps.

Drop in to see James, Laura and the team and enjoy the huge range and friendly service today.

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  • Self Service Fuel
  • LPG Bottle Swap
  • Fresh Produce
  • Fresh Meat
  • Speciality Cheeses
  • Craft Beer & Local Wines
  • Whole Hot Cooked Chicken
  • Scoop Ice Creams
  • Fresh Flowers