On the Spot Hales Corner Store

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140 Waimea Road
Nelson 7010

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Store Hours

Monday: 7am to 8pm
Tuesday: 7am to 8pm
Wednesday: 7am to 8pm
Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 7.30am to 7pm
Sunday: 7.30 to 7pm


Phone: 03 5488863



Welcome to On the Spot Hales Corner, here you will find pies, cold drinks, cakes & slices, scoop ice cream and general grocery items.

Being close to the Nelson Hospital they have a great range of flowers and items suitable for gifts including magazines & confectionary.

Call in and see Balavant and Hemalata.



  • Grocery
  • Hot Pies
  • Cakes/Slices
  • Cold Drinks
  • Confectionary
  • Bread & Milk
  • Flowers
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