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The benefits

We are passionate about all things On the Spot!

So being part of this team there will be some requirements and costs like any Franchise Group. 

It's all about keeping the brand consistent

Helping our customers feel at home no matter where they are in the South Island. 

Be a part of the Foodstuffs Co-Operative 

The supplier terms and being part of the Foodstuffs Co-operative bring great benefits to owners, helping to make your business and the brand a success. 

If this sounds like you and you want more information, contact us now!

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We are lucky to have a great owner operator, keen to promote our brand by telling their stories.

“Owning and Operating a retail grocery business in the FMCG sector in New Zealand can be challenging, the knowledge required regarding products, legislation, employment and retail operations is extensive. To achieve this independently would be very difficult.
Being a member of the On the Spot group enables me to access a wide range of expert support people and systems that allow me to remain current in my knowledge and skills.

This invaluable assistance allows me to focus on what is important in building and operating a successful On the Spot store. To be successful, an On the Spot store needs to be the centre of the community providing the right products at the right price, tailored to its local community by a team that can deliver this consistently.

If you get this right and use the help that is available as an On the Spot member the result is not only profitable but immensely rewarding.”

Craig Bishop-Everett

On the Spot Collingwood, Golden Bay

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