On the Spot Caltex Richmond

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149 Sailsbury Road
Richmond 7020

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Store Hours

Monday: 6am to 11pm
Tuesday: 6am to 11pm
Wednesday: 6am to 11pm
Thursday: 6am to 11pm
Friday: 6am to 11pm
Saturday: 6am to 11pm
Sunday: 6am to 11pm


Phone: 03 5442362

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At On the Spot Caltex Richmond you will find a wide range of products including fuel, snacks, ice creams plus an extensive Food to go range

Grocery needs are covered too, along with a frozen meals section. You can also swap your gas bottle or pick up some fish bait.

We cant forget barista coffee which is perfect if your on the run and need it pronto.

 Visit Carolyn and the Team and check out the store




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Services in Store

  • Lotto
  • ATM
  • Food to go
  • Pams & Value Products available
  • Barista Coffee
  • On Gas Bottle Swap
  • Ice
  • Fuel
  • Brushless Car Wash
  • Trailer Hire