On the Spot Four J's

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406 Main South Road
South Beach
Greymouth 7805

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Store Hours

Monday: 7am to 8pm
Tuesday: 7am to 8pm
Wednesday: 7am to 8pm
Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 7am to 8pm
Sunday: 7am to 8pm


Phone: 03 7626603

COVID-19 Store Hours during lockdown period

We will be open Monday to Friday 11am to 3pm.      

Saturday & Sunday 11am to 2pm.

This is only during the Lockdown period starting 26th March.


On the Spot Four J's is conveniently located on the main road when heading south out of Greymouth. 

Stop in for takeaways (they have a huge menu) and grab a drink or an ice cream.

Jill and the team can help you with grocery, Food to go, milkshakes plus Lotto and the parking is easy!

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  • Takeaways
  • Chicken to Go
  • Lotto
  • Milkshakes
  • Scoop Ice Cream