On the Spot Fox Glacier Motors

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52 Main Road
Fox Glacier
West Coast 7859

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Store Hours

Monday: 8.00am to 6pm
Tuesday: 8.00am to 6pm
Wednesday: 8.00am to 6pm
Thursday: 8.00am to 6pm
Friday: 8.00am to 6pm
Saturday: 8.00am to 6pm
Sunday: 8.00am to 6pm

IMPORTANT: See below on store page for COVID-19 Reduced Opening Hours.


Phone: 03 7510823

COVID-19 Store Hours during lockdown period

We will be open Monday to Sunday from 9am to closing.

This is only during the Lockdown period, Level 2

Self service is available 24hrs



Call in and see the team at On the Spot Fox Glacier Motors for all your fuel and LPG needs as well as grocery items, snacks and confectionery.

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  • Fuel
  • Grocery Essentials
  • LPG
  • AA Repairs
  • Workshop on site