On the Spot Mill House

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229 Palmerston Street
Westport 7825

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Store Hours

Monday: 5.45am to 10pm
Tuesday: 5.45am to10pm
Wednesday: 5.45am to 10pm
Thursday: 5.45am to 10pm
Friday: 5.45am to 10pm
Saturday: 5.45am to 10pm
Sunday: 5.45am to 10pm


Phone: 03 7897215


On the Spot Millhouse is a busy store, they bake pies, sausage rolls, cakes plus so much more. You can smell them baking as you come in the door.

Located on the main street into Westport, they have a range of emergency grocery, cold drinks, confectionary, ice cream perfect for a local or if youre just passing through.

Pop in and see Dave, Anna and the Team.



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  • In Store Baked Pies & Slices
  • Large Food to Go Range
  • Cold Drinks
  • Emergency Grocery
  • Ice Creams